Apricots, Cherries and Plums!

The Brooklane Store is not open yet this year but you can still get our yummy fruits at the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market.  This Saturday, July 12th, we will have apricots, sweet dark cherries and our golden plums.

David with the apricot trees.

David with the Harogem Apricot trees.

We can grow apricots in the valley because we grow them in high tunnels.  High tunnels are greenhouses big enough to grow trees under.  We have two tunnels that are 180 feet long and 16′ tall.  In addition to the apricots we have Rainier Cherries, table grapes and asparagus growing in the tunnels.  It is amazing how much healthier the cherry trees look in the tunnels.  They are not a fan of our valley rain.

High Tunnels at La Mancha

High Tunnels at La Mancha