Brooklane Store is open: Thursdays 3-6, Saturday and Sunday 12-4

The store is open!!!! We are selling our large selection of apples and pears, seedless grapes, cider and a few veggies on Thursdays from 3-6, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4. Hazelnuts will arrive at the store by the weekend of 24 September.

The current apple varieties that are available are “Crimson Crisp’, ‘Honeycrisp, ‘Crimson Gold’, ‘Gala’, ‘Liberty’, and ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’.

The pear variety is ‘Blake’s Pride’- a slightly russeted winter pear with an excellent aromatic flavor. We pre-ripen the pears so that are juicy and flavorful.

‘Reliance’ grape will also be available. This grape variety produces large clusters of tender, sweet berries that are great for eating fresh, jellies and juices.